dancin' down those dirty and dusty trails.

Jeremy and I are leaving today for our summer vacation!!! Yay! He has about 2 weeks off work so we are going camping on Jeju island. There is a high chance it will rain the whole time we are there, but Jeju looks so beautiful and we are so excited that it won't dampen out spirits. I know that was lame to say, but it is the truth! We got all new camp gear and know where there are good camping sites. Plus we are going to kill ourselves climbing to the top of Halla Mountain, the tallest mountain in South Korea. What could be better?!

I wish this was what I was packing!!!- listening to: "Roam" The B-52's (they may be the god's of rediculous music videos)


my baby moves at midnight goes right on till the dawn.

"I would only believe in a God that knows how to dance." - Friedrich Nietzche

Erin Wasson XRVCA - Via Knightcat

Since I got to Korea I have felt like I lost my groove. I don't know what the reasons were, but I just didn't feel like dancing and even when I put on my go-to groovy dance tunes I just didn't move. Seeing as dancing is one of the things that brings me the most joy in my life, this was a sad loss. Over the past few days, however, I seem to have caught it again. This morning while doing the dishes I busted some wild moves and splashed water all over the floor because I just couldn't control the dancer within. Yay!!!!
Have fun at 50/50 Alison. Dance hard.

- listening to: "You should be dancing" Bee Gees

you've got magic inside your fingertips.

Sometimes I try to not be the hugest dork in the world, but I can't help but announce my excitement to the world that Harry Potter is coming out in NOVEMBER!!!! I'm so excited! And best of all I will be back in Canada and Eva and I are planning a Potter date. I haven't watched a Potter movie for the first time with Eva since we were in Montreal. Eeks!!!

In other news, I'm super happy that Emma Watson busted out of the Harry Potter scene too. I think she is adorable. These pics are from a TeenVogue shoot and I think they are very pretty. She has also become the face of Burberry and is starting her own clothes line. Nice work. Sometimes when you start your career being such a distinctive character it is hard to be seen as anything else, but she seems to have made it work. Sweet beans!!

Via: Cigarettes


you better free your mind instead.

Frida Gustavsson, a Swedish model, has caught my eye a few times with her street clothes. Most recently I was totally drooling over this picture of her I found on Studded Hearts.So I went through all the pictures saved on my computer and found these other 3 looks by her that I had fancied in the past.- listening to: "Revolution" Jim Sturgess (Beatles cover)



i'd rather be a forest than a street.

Katherine by Logan White

It is a little bit 90's. A little bit goth. A little bit outdoorsy. A little bit creepy. A little bit sexy. A little bit fantastic in my opinion.

- listening to: "El Condor Pasa" Simon and Garfunkel


oh i want you, i don't know if i need you but ooo i'd die to find out .

See by Chloe

I want these shoes. They are mustard coloured velour!!! I feel like I should be allowed to buy a new pair of pretty sandals every summer, but I'm pretty big on spoiling myself rotton. The reality is that I don't need new sandals and not only do I not need them, but my lifestyle currently is not conducive to dressing up perdy. I would still get joy out of them, but I fear that my joy in my new shoes would not be all it could be without ladyfriends to appreciate them and places to take them out where they would get the wear they deserve. Justifying this kind of money on pretty shoes right now hardly seems justified. Damn it!!!!!

- listening to: "I want you" Savage Garden (this song reminds me of field trips in elementary school)

every junkie's like a settin' sun.

I love how simple and tacky these photos are. There is something really retro about the simplicity. Via: Cobrasnake - Atlanta for Exit Magazine

- listening to: "The needle and the damage done" Neil Young


when the blazing sun is gone, when he nothing shines upon.

After a day of playing T-ball in the blazing sun with a bunch of Korean student teachers, this is the photo of the day:

know the magic of her charms.

This is by far the sexiest editorial I have seen in a really long time, if not ever. So beautiful.
V Magazine - photographer Sabastian Faena

- listening to: "Dream Lover" Bobby Darin