layers, but not the typical winter type.

The sheer shirt with the jean shorts underneath! It took me a moment to be able to see the underneath layer.


just in from the rain.

It has been just pissing rain here for the past few days I put on my sweater this morning and it was still wet. Gross! There are just way more wet clothes than places to hang it. . Lucky I have a new teeny tiny umbrella! It is definitely not up to code when it comes to real Victoria rain, but it looks cute and that's really all that matters.

basking in the sun.

I get the impression that this lady had a very good night and hasn't quite made it home yet in the early light of day.


one hand does not catch a buffalo.

"Asi deka melea todzo o." a traditional Ewe (African) proverb

-Listening to: "Kamphopo" The Very Best


sometimes i don't know where this dirty road is taking me.

- listening to: "Waitin' around to die" Townes Van Zandt



Kirby Kenny, the now blonde in the modeling twin duo, takes on a solo job and looks fantastic. I like them better as brunettes, but this big hair look is working.


nudge nudge.

"A nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat."



ain't no question. if i want it, i need it.

This dress reminds me of something I would have picked out for myself as my Christmas party dress when I was little, but I like it anyway.
- listening to: "Runaway" Kanye West (I love all 34 minutes of this video. It is straight Kanye cheeze).


before the insults and post the praise.

I know I've already expressed this, but I have the hugest lady crush on Coco Sumner. She makes my guts go gushy. I love her style and her dance moves.


an encore for gold.

This shoot of the absolutely lovely Natalia Vodianova in Harper's Bazaar UK Dec 2010 has almost all the same gold pieces that were in my last post about gold, but done with a different amount of grace and continuity. I think Natalia is so soft and innocent looking, she is just great. I know it is boring of me to repost the same clothes just in different pictures, but I'm in love with this model and who could not be in love with these sequined works of art that they are parading as clothing?!


the ice is slowly melting.

This shoot is amazing in location, colour, fabric, and jewelry. Not to mention it also instantly makes me remember how much I want to travel to (or at least near) Tibet.
Harper's Bazaar Indonesia Via: Fashion Gone Rogue

- listening to: "Here comes the sun" Peter Tosh (covering the Beatles)


what do you see in the clouds today.

I'm back in Canada and I can hear the tea boiling on Kate's stove. This morning I flipped through one of her editions of Harper's Bazaar and the pages were so thick and textured. You definitely lose something in the translation when those pictures are posted online. It is strange how everything just seems different here. I mean I don't know what Harper's feels like in Korea, and rationally I bet it would be similar, but it just felt like even the way magazines feel as you flip through them is different here. I guess I'm still disoriented and soaking it all in. Walking along the seawall in the unexpected Vancouver sun makes me think without thinking... "it is nice to be home".


a ponchi's day out.

gonna die here gracefully.

There is something childlike about the way Coco Summer dresses, but I really like it. She looks comfortable in her little boy cool.
Via: Vanessa Jackman and Unkown

- listening to: "Playwright fate" I Blame Coco (the lovely musician above)


i spy with my little eye, a vertical log.

Eva, I can definitely see you wearing this outfit. Simple, comfortable, stylish, and a touch of horizontal stripe.

you'll catch your death.