reality bites.

"Reality Bites" is a movie made in 1994. Jeremy and I just watched it and this is NOT a recommendation to go out and watch it yourself. Ethan Hawke's character was potentially the single most annoying person I have ever watched on screen. Not only the things he said and his goatee, but also the wispy wimpy little voice he said everything "emotional" in. Gross! But, some of the clothes were pretty great and the soundtrack was pure 90s gold. Winona Ryder really turns my crank and she was pretty decked out in all her 90s glory. I especially dug this one scene where she was using her daddy's gas card to get cash to pay rent and buy stoner munchies. She was wearing some kickass jeans, 90s lipstick, sunglasses and t-shirt sans bra.
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executive bling.

A few weeks ago Jer and I were shopping downtown in the "trendy" area. The guy who was helping us was wearing a super badass watch. I wanted to ask him where he got it and get a closer look, but he didn't speak a word of English, so I just let it go. Then, yesterday I was looking for it online and found it. I was daydreaming about it and shared my desires with Jeremy. He then sent me a link to one on Ebay. JEREMY!!!! You aren't supposed to encourage me!!! He says that I can totally justify spending 50 bucks on this badboy because it is sweet and I do wear a watch to work everyday. Now I'm in turmoil! It hadn't really occurred to me that I could just buy it. It has everything you could ever want: bling, alarms, time, calendar, scheduler. There is no way I'd ever figure out all of that, but at least I would look cool.
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What should I do?!


messy hair and flowing fabric.

I like the little things about these pictures. Like the orange birkenstocks, the feather in a knotted ponytail and the fringed necklaces. I also love the fabric on the blue dress and that apricot onesie. When Jeremy saw these he said "Sweet pictures!". That doesn't happen everyday.


feel it.

Everybody listen to this song and get your groove on!!! I just did... it felt great!


home sweet home.

This is the home of the designer Margaret Howell and it is divine. I especially love the warm natural light coming in the window and the promise of hot tea on an overcast afternoon. It kind of reminds me of the house I grew up in, but it is clearly lived in by someone who has aesthetics in mind. I've been looking at a lot of house pictures lately. I haven't had a place to decorate (or the capability to decorate) in a long time, and I look forward to doing that again some day... not that I'm in a hurry to be anywhere but where I am. I'm pretty content in my modge-podge house of stuff we found on the street and the bare essentials.


a wicker tray.

That she is holding some fine wicker puts a smile on my face.
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