your one and only pleasure, all decked in lace and leather.

I was recently looking at a "fashion winner" vs "fashion loser" that came up on the msn homepage that pops up when I sign out of my email account. Red carpet style and the cheesy commentary that goes with it is a delightful guilty pleasure. I came across this dress on Naomi Watts and drooled on myself.I'm excited to see her in the new Woody Allen movie. Sometimes she looks really good in clothes, or maybe she is just put in really fantastic clothes. Either way, I like it. A great example of that is her in The Painted Veil when she got a good dose of lacy perfection and florals.


when the sun is out i've got something i can laugh about.

It is stormy and rainy when I look out the window at my parent's house in Kelowna. It seems like summer still hasn't arrived. It has though, it is just being intermittent. I was so lucky that the last 3 days or so in Victoria felt like summer with the dirt under my barefeet and the sun warming my deprived skin. I only had a few days of summer time with my favourite ladyfriend this year, but they were really nice. I'm gonna miss my Ali Sunshine.

- listening to: "Good Day Sunshine" The Beatles