happy halloween.

I look forward to seeing pictures of everyone's costumes!!!
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i'm having fun, don't put me down.

Photos by Shae Acopian Detar

I just love this model she uses. It might be entirely the haircut and styling, but whatever it is I like it. Plus that picture that has been painted is fabulous! I feel a project coming on... a potentially messy one.

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warm clothes for cold weather.

It is really cold here in Korea now. It is hard to believe that such a short time ago I couldn't sit in my own house without a fan on me and even then I was drenched in sweat. The weather change has made me realize that the clothes that I brought for the winter, although sufficient for a Vancouver/Victoria winter, are not going to cut it for a winter in a country that actually gets cold. Heck, it isn't even winter yet and I'm already out of options for warmth! I will definitely have to do some cold weather shopping when I get back to Canada for round two in Korea. Not knowing what to wear to stay warm has made me notice that not very many fashion shoots have clothes that you could actually wear in cold weather. I feel like even fall/winter lookbooks often have shorts with a cozy top and that sort of thing. Not practical no matter how cute. I was relieved to see this editorial that has cozy fabrics and no skin showing.
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the bold and the beautiful.

Jeremy saw this feathered number over my shoulder while I was admiring it and said "You have to put that on your blog!"... so here it is. I loved this shoot, both the styling and the poses, plus I always love a good Canadian model!
Harper's Bazaar Russia Via: Fashion Gone Rogue



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a studying mess.

I love the books strewn across the floor.Via: Everything Style

toronto fashion week.

I looked through a lot of designers and a lot of looks from the LG Toronto Fashion week that just ended trying to be inspired by someone. Not impressed. Not that there wasn't anything nice and a few pieces that I would love to have or know people that they would look fantastic on, but I just wasn't struck by anything or excited by anything. Bummer. Here are a few looks that I liked in particular.

Joe Fresh
Pink Tartan
Evan Biddell


inspirational hair.

My hair is starting to get long. That is what happens when you don't cut it for 6 months... it grows. I love short hair cuts and often day dream about different short hair cuts I could get and what my hair would look like, yadda yadda, but lately my hair has been looking pretty nice. It finally grew out of a really awkward stage that happened when the short part of my asymmetrical cut was no longer short. Damn you hair! I think I may now be a part of the "I want to grow my hair out" crew!! It is so hard not to be a part of that crew when you see pictures like these (not that my hair is nearly this curly).Via: Johnny's Bird

posing with animals.

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natural beauty.

Abbey Lee Kershaw has been making every fashion everything since she went bleach blonde (not that she wasn't a big deal before that), but I love these pictures of her from just last year. She looks so much more natural and I think it is really pretty.Via: Models.com

to people who make you feel as good as toes in the sand.

This post is dedicated to my wonderful Mom on her birthday. Happy Birthday Mom!!!
Photos by Ann He