rainy day romance.

A typhoon has hit Korea. It is mild here compared to other parts of the country, but the rain is still amazing. There are rivers flowing down the streets and I was sprayed by a passing bus, but the bus was two lanes away! Today we had a day off from the rain and it was nice to sit outside in the shade at lunch time. Tonight it is supposed to start again. I like rainy days and rainy day activities. I'm hoping to have a Harry Potter marathon this weekend if it keeps up (shhh though, I haven't told Jeremy yet!).
Harper's Bazaar Australia Via: Fashion Gone Rogue


inspired wood.

These ties are made with reclaimed redwood from old barns and houses in California. That is pretty badass by any standard.
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colour in your hands.

Wall painting by Supakitch and Koralie at the VĂ„RLDSKULTUR MUSEET GĂ–TEBORG / SWEDEN


splendid overall.

This outfit screams "Alison!!!" at the top of its lungs.
Congrats on being done school Ali!!!!
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