well hung and snow white tan.

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This video is part of a collection that supposedly "visits the iconography of ancient Egypt and the aesthetic, mood and music of pop deity David Bowie". This video in particular "is an ode to the psychedelic light shows of the 1960s, The Man Who Fell to Earth and the universe....".
The pretty lady is the ever popular and cool looking Bambi.

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come out you gifted kings and queens.

Pretty pretty clothes.Shape Shiftr "Hieroglyph" Via: Studded Hearts

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and now i'm older gotta get up clean the place.

I'm not too sure where I got these pictures from, but I was looking at some of the pictures saved onto my computer and I was struck by the similarity between these two. I think they are really nice together.It is almost like the second photo is the fantasy of the girl in the first one, like where she wishes she was or is imagining she is.

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into the light of the dark black night.

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find some models for wives.

This picture is from The Vintage Society which was the first ever fashion blog I ever followed. I just stumbled across it again after not looking at it for a few years. Looking at it now it isn't really my style, but I sure remember finding it and thinking that it was the coolest thing I could possibly waste my time on. Turns out it was like a gateway drug because I am officially addicted and ridiculous.

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would we still return as friends.

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don't want to look at your face 'cause it's makin' me sick.

Every time I see this video I just want to own all of her clothes. Kate Nash is just so darn cute!

born on the wind, making it mine.

So.... is this what SASSY looked like in 1978!?!Via: The girl who married a bear.

What do you think Eva? I definitely give them the Sassy! side of the card.

- listening to: "Night fever" The Bee Gees (the number two hit of '78, the number one song was significantly less inspiring)


and he thinks in his mind that he's just getting by.

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cold as ice cream but still as sweet.

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I'm not sure what is the best thing here. Is it the splash of coral nail polish against the white and baby blue outfit? Is it the kickass, subtle, yet in your face haircut? Is it the babyface? Is it the peterpan collar? Is it the pale green eyes? Is it the asymmetrical ear piercings? Is it all of the above?

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drunk girls wait an hour to pee.

Summer is coming to an end pretty fast. Better get that booze down quick... everyone knows it goes bad as soon as school's back in.Via: Johnny's Bird

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toi qui parles sans savoir.

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in respect of her presence.

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My back has been hurting a bunch lately so today I decided to go for a swim to see if I could loosen it up. I don't have any one peice bathing suits here, so I chose my best fitting and most covering bikini to take with me. I was definately the only one there in a two piece, but I was impressed that I didn't get very many stares. Everyone had to wear a bathing cap and I felt pretty silly in my ruffled bum bikini and a standard issue bathing cap especially next to a bunch of speedo clad sporty looking people.

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you think it's alright.

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that I had now become a cephalopod.

Eva and I both own skirts very much like this one. We got them in Laos, and they are to die for. We couldn't get over how beautiful all the fabric was and how incredible it was to actually watch women making stuff like this (not that ours are actually hand made). Living in Canada I have always taken fabric for granted, but in a lot of countries where people make their own fabric, it is anything but taken for granted. An hour on a loom and I am forever in awe of women with this skill.
Eva, I hope this inspires you to wear yours! I left mine at home, but look forward to wearing it in the future.
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salty noses, suntan lotion.

So these are the cutest beach outfits ever on Isabel Lucas. What I would give to be able to stay clean in an outfit like this!!Via: Knight Cat

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