ruby red slippers.

Alison's new beauties. Deluxe. Maximum.


singing for a pot of gold.

The colour of this picture is absolutely wonderful.

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the cat's meow.

Erin Wasson looking too cool for school as usual.


splashes of red.

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sitting pretty.

D_lux collection of jewlery


gold doorknobs where her eyes used to be.

I just got back from a full month in Mexico and I feel like I'm wearing a a tan suit. When I look at my own hands and then look out the window at the clouds and drizzle it seems like something is wrong. There is no way I should be this dark at this time of year in Vancouver. Back in Kate's living room it is hard to believe that just two days ago I was in a bikini on a beach. It feels like I never left here. I wonder if that means that this feels like home?
Photos by Gemma Booth

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