Do you want to come home with me pretty coat?Via: Knight Cat

sleepy road trip.

Photos by Marcus Ohlsson for Velvet
Via: Lund Lund

set me free, why don't cha babe.

I don't wear makeup very often, but these are some made-up looks that I can really envision getting behind. They even apear to be the kind of makeup that doesn't require that much skill. I'm not so good with blending eyeshadow, but I'm pretty good at gluing sparkles onto construction paper, so I'm sure I could figure out gluing them to my head!
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a rack of thread.

I've been watching Project Runway while I've been sick. I'm always amazed that they get everything they need for their whole project at the store in one trip. I can barely do that to make dinner.Via: Lobster and Swan


like an exotic dream.

Vogue Paris September 1999
Via: Paranaiv

- listening to: "All around the world" ATC (hit from 2000, but pretty close to the same era as these photos!)

painted lady.

I love that these photos are finished so that she blends in with the painting on the wall behind her.Via: Fashion Gone Rogue

small town girls and soft summer nights.

I absolutely LOVE this dress from Dolce and Gabbana's S/S 2011 collection. Via: Knight Cat

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this will slip into the sea.

Green velvet on your head is a nice feeling.

- listening to: "Nantes" Beirut



I'm sick and I'm going to bed. End of story.

hello cowgirl in the sand.

Via: Noir Facade
Bambi, the sun and a cowboy hat.

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pamela love.

Pamela Love makes the coolest jewelry. I love the scientific element to the designs and how delicate and intricate the pieces are. She really does beautiful work.


des animaux.

I think these accessory animals are prepared to join the ranks of the duck-belt.

well i lift weights, but i don't sweat.

These pictures remind me of playing dress ups. I like that that was a game that never went out of style (pun intended).Erin Wasson photographed by Dusan Reljin
Via: Fashion Gone Rouge

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digital men.

Hey, this is really cool. It is a digital editorial from Vogue Hommes Japan.
Check it out here.
Be patient and wait for it to finish downloading because it is sweet when it is done.

elderly stars slide down the morning sky.

A few items from Alexandra Grecco's fall collection. It is as cute as ever. I LOVE the button detail up that side of those floral bottoms. Via: Alexandra Grecco

- listening to: "Shampain" Marina and the Diamond (yes, Kate, the slip is lovely!)


come the morning every blue shade of green.

Even the tint of the film spells out decadence.Via: Paranaiv

- listening to: "Go places" The New Pornographers